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Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find answers to the most frequent questions that people have asked us about Swagler's AllClene and what we do. Have a question you don't see already answered here? Please contact us and ask. We may put the answer on this page for others. AllClene



Questions: AllClene







Q. - Are you safe? Licensed? Insured?

A. - YES. All of our employees go through extensive interviewing processes and background checks before training. We are completely insured to protect both you and our employees. We are fully licensed by the state of Ohio and carry Workers Comp on all of our employees.


Q. - I saw you on Angie's List with a negative rating. Why?

A. - We used to do what are called Angie's List Deals. These deals cost us a great deal of money. When we stopped offering these deals, Angie's List stopped allowing us to reply to comments. Good and Bad. Thus, anyone could post a negative report about us, true or fase, and we had no ability to reply. Even if a problem was posted, then we fixed it, they REFUSE to remove negative comments as we no longer PAY THEM.


They claim that a business can NOT buy advertising from them, but that is absolutely 100% FALSE!!! It is a blatant LIE!! They offer companies MANY opportunities to BUY ads from them. And if you don't pay, you can't respond to false claims. Even when they are posted by people that have never used a companies service.


From talking with owners of many other companies, Angie's List has hurt many small businesses that don't have the ability to pay for these deals. We offer the same deals now, only we don't have to pay for them. And clients are free to send us feedback which we will make publicly available with their permission...Good, or Bad!!! We no longer honor any Angie's List deals.


Q. - The Better Business Bureau says you are NOT an accredited company... What's up with that?

A. - To be an accredited company by the BBB, a company needs to pay them money. We did this for a while. However, this gets us NOTHING in return, except that they list us as accredited. We have always done what they require to be accredited. We simply don't pay them any longer. IF a client has a complaint, they can still contact the BBB and file it. The BBB will contact a company then and mediate if needed. If a client has a praise they can contact the BBB and it will be logged for others to hear if they call with a query. We have always had an A or A+ rating with the BBB. We have had complaints...(NEVER via the BBB) and have always done our best to answer them and make things right. This is all the BBB does for a company that pays...they offer to mediate. Which, they will do...pay or not. So we choose to use our money in smarter ways. Again, we do EVERYTHING that is required to be 100% fully ACCREDITED except pay the BBB.


Q. - How long have you been in business & what is your experience?

A. - AllClene has been in business here in Ohio since January of 2007. Our owner has 18 years of floor care (carpet, tile, wood, stone, tile/grout, etc...) experience both residential and commercial. He owned the cleaning company Jani-Care for 6 years in Concord, NH.


Q. - Do I need to be there with the cleaning crew?

A. - NO. Most of our clients, both commercial and residential, are not present when our crews show up. As long as we have keys, alarm codes, etc.. we can do our job, and you are able to return to a clean and healthy environment. Your keys and codes are 100% safe in our care.


Q. - What is your cancellation policy?


A. - The client will notify AllClene at least 24 hours in advance of cancellation of a scheduled service  or will be required to pay $25.  If the service is cancelled the same day as the scheduled service, after the crews have left the AllClene premises, the client will be required to pay $50.00.  If the crew shows up at the area to be serviced and cannot do the job for any reason (locked out, pets loose (without prior knowledge), client does not wish to have it done, etc.) the client will be responsible for the full amount of the cleaning.  Exceptions are of course made for medical emergencies and deaths, and on a per occurrence basis. We are still required to pay our employees, even if you don't use them. We book our clients geographically when possible, and when someone cancels without at least 24 hours notice, it can have consequences that carry over to other clients.

We understand things happen and things come up. It happens with us as well. If we have a problem and cannot arrive on time, or at all, to your scheduled cleaning, we will make every effort to contact you before the scheduled time. We will work with you to reschedule if needed and be more than happy to offer you a discount for your trouble.


Q. - Why are your prices higher than some other cleaning people and companies?

A. - According to many of our clients, we are well below the price they have paid to other cleaning companies or the bids they have gotten. In some cases, however, we are NOT the cheapest. And we don't want to be. In the cleaning industry, you almost always get exactly what you pay for. If you pay a very low price, you may regret that for many reasons eventually.

Many people that do cleaning, and unfortunately, many companies as well, are doing so illegally. These individuals and companies are niether licensed nor insured. They do not, and can not, protect you, their employees, or themselves. If something were to happen to one of their employees, or one of your possessions were broken or stolen, there is no recourse against them. They will simply go away. This is why they are known as 'fly-by-night' or 'truck-slammers'. They just work out of their car and have no legal business that can be held accountable for any problems. Because of this, they have very little if any overhead and can offer prices that we simply cannot and will not match.

Other companies, many of the franchise companies, can out-bid other legitimate companies, such as Swagler's AllClene, because that IS their business. They under-bid quality cleaning companies because they (the franchisor) get paid the same amount no matter what they charge. The franchisee suffers because they make very little and can honestly, NOT afford to actually do the work. Because of contracts with the franchisor, they must....so in the end, YOU, the customer, suffer. To not lose everything, they must do, quite honestly, crappy work with watered down chemicals, if not just plain water. They can't pay their employees enough to care about you, and usually, can't provide any safety (insurance, workers comp, etc...) for the employees. (See the end of this page to read this news for yourself.)


Q. - How can I pay for my service(s)?

A. - We gladly accept cash, check, all major credit cards, and Paypal. Many of our customers leave a check on the counter with any notes they wish us to see. Other pay us cash either in person or left in an envelope. Still others will pay with a credit card either in person or in advance of our arrival. Many of these customers, especially our weekly, biweekly, and monthly customers will set up regular billing where we charge their credit card automatically on a set schedule (some pay for several cleaning's at one time and some auto-pay 24-48 hours before a scheduled service.)


Q. - What should I do with my pets?

A. - We make notes on our paperwork about your pets. If you have any special instructions about them, please let us know in advance of the scheduled service, or on a note for the cleaning crew. If you have skittish or aggressive pets, we do ask that you have them securely put away before our crew arrives. Remember, we do mop floors as well as run vacuums.


Q. - What if something gets broken?

A. - While our crews are exceptionally careful, accidents can happen. If something of your should get broken, our crews will leave you a note (if you are not present) with details of what happened. You will be contacted so that we may find out how we can pay for the item or replace it. If you have items that are very valuable or cannot be replaced, we do ask that you put them in a safe place so that our crews won't accidentally damage them. Should we find something that we consider dangerous or already damaged, we will make a note of it for you.


Q. - Do I need to supply the chemicals or equipment when you come to clean?

A. - NO. We supply all of our own equipment and chemicals. We trust the chemicals that we use, and we know what they can and can't do. The same with our equipment. Our high standards are based on this. We research and test many different products. We use what we have found to work the best and give the absolute best results.


Q. - Can I have you use the chemicals that I provide?

A. - In Some Circumstances. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. We must and want to comply with all of OSHA's rules and directives. We maintain MSDS sheets on all our our chemicals, so using something else could prove hazardous to our employees and our clients. Even products that claim to be safe and you may use every day. However, should you have a special need, we can discuss this and make accommodations if appropriate.


Q. - Do you offer GREEN cleaning solutions?

A. -Yes. We searched many 'GREEN' cleaners to find ones that actually worked. After testing many of these cleaners, we have found some that work amazingly well. Because of the increased cost of these cleaners, we do charge a bit more for this service. Normally, for an average home, it is only $20-25.00.


Q. - Do you do carpet cleaning or furniture cleaning?

A. - Not yet. However, floor care (as well as curtains, furniture, etc..) was the owners sole business for over 10 years, it will be coming soon. When it does, the people doing the work will be trained completely in all aspects of floor care. They will attend classes at nationally accredited training facilities several times a year to stay up-to-date with all the new chemicals and techniques.


Q. - Do you do windows?

A. - YES. In residential homes, we always clean the window above the sink in the kitchen, if there is one. We also will do the inside of the patio door as well as the windows that are part of a front door encasement. Commercially, we do windows as per clients request. Because we do commercial clients much more often, they are usually put on a schedule of when certain windows are done. AllClene


Q. - What benefits can you offer me and my business over our own people or cleaning crew?

A. - Several. First of all, we are trained cleaners. It is what we do. It is all we do. And we do it very well. Second, we carry full insurance and bonding as well as workers comp. This means you don't have to pay these expenses, and you are fully protected. Lastly, your employees have lives. They should not have to stay around and clean the office. Again, we are trained to clean. It's all we do. Let them do their jobs. We'll do ours.


Q. - Am I locked into a contract with Swagler's AllClene for any amount of time? AllClene

A. - NO! While we do offer contract cleaning, you are never required to have a contract. If you are not happy with our service, we are not going to force you to keep using us.


Q. - What are the benefits of having a contract?

A. - There are several. One, by agreeing to use our service on a regular basis, we offer you discounted cleaning rates. Another, is that you know up front what will be done every time as well as the cost. Even if our operating costs go up, your price will stay the same for the term of the contract.


Q. - OK, I have a contract, but I just want out of it. Can I get out?

A. - Yes. However, we do ask that you give us 30 days notice. While we know this isn't always possible, we think it is very fair. We base your price for each cleaning on the contract length. But as stated, if you are not happy with us, and we can't correct the issues, we don't want to force you keep using us. All the information about ending a contract will be given at the time of signing a contract. Note: Without a 30 day notice of cancellation, we may charge you the cost of one extra cleaning.


Q. - What don't you do in my home?

A. - That's up to you. Actually, there are some things we just don't do. We don't do laundry. Some companies will. We don't. We won't walk the dog (OK, if the dog is there and about to explode, and the home owner is not home, yes, we will take care of the dog...). However, we will always bring a doggie treat with us (with permission, of course.) We don't normally do dishes. That can be discussed however. We don't do all windows. Again, this can be discussed and added.


Q. - What don't you do in my business?

A. - Read your mail. Seriously, we pretty much do any cleaning that you ask us to do. Like residential, if you want it done, you just need to ask. It may cost a bit more if it isn't on our normal cleaning list, but if it is something we can do, we will do it.


Q. - What if I need you to come before or after my scheduled time/date?

A. - We will try and be there when you need us. If you have an unexpected visitor coming and you need us there before your normal scheduled time, just call us and ask. If we can work you into the schedule, we will make the change with no extra charge. If we can't, and you absolutely must have us there, we can possibly reschedule someone else, but will charge you our emergency fee. This amount depends on where you are located. This is because we schedule jobs based on location. If you need us to come after the scheduled time/day, then the same procedure applies. Let us know as far in advance as possible so we can do our best to accommodate you.


Q. - Do you do any special cleaning services?

A. - Yes we do. We can do most anything that is cleaning. We can change bed linens, do dishes, clean windows, etc... We can do post party clean-up. We offer full 'Spring' cleaning services. We can clean your home before you travel, or move for the season, and clean it and have it all ready when you return. This is a great service for those that live in the south or west during the winter months. We can clean and polish silver and brass. We can strip and wax floors, buff floors, clean and seal tile and grout, and do awning and sidewalk pressure washing. Just ask, we can probably do it. Check out our Other Services page.


Q. - I am located in Kentucky, will you come here?

A. - Yes. While we have a normal service area, we will go where you are if you are willing to pay for it. If you are outside our normal service area, there will be an additional charge to cover our travel expenses (gas, taxes, time.) If you tell us where you are, we can tell you if there is a charge and what exactly it will be. AllClene


Q. - What is with the spelling of your name? Isn't it CLEAN?

A. - Ummmm... Yes. The normal spelling is CLE A N. However, we believe we do things better than the normal way. So we decided to use the name spelled CLE N E. It is different because we are different. And hey, face it, when you misspell your company name, you really have to do an amazing job. And we do!


Q. - Why are you better than the big franchises that have many more people and may be cheaper?

A. - There are so many reasons. But if you read it here, you may think we are just bad mouthing franchises. Please, look for yourself. And if you are with a franchise now... know that we are always here to help you out when you want / need it. The short of it is, we are local. We are part of this community. The money that you spend with us, stays here. In our community. We care about your business. We have a vested interest in you. If you ever have a problem with us, we will do everything we can to fix it. A franchised company simply doesn't need you. If you ever have a problem with one, you will find that out the hard way. (Links will open in a new window or tab.)



Please note, that while you may not care how a franchisor treats the franchisee they sell to, because you like the price you are quoted, remember that the person doing the work usually can't afford to do it at that price, and will do a poor job, or use water instead of the cleaners that you are paying for. Some will rush through a 2 hour job in under an hour. It happens every single day! A


Coverall, ServiceMaster and CleanPro are several of the worst ones. Please note, most of the problems are with COMMERCIAL franchises. Again, don't take our word for it. Just read the information above. And those few articles are indicant of the norm. Not the odd story. These companies give a bad name to the industry. It is up to the small family owned cleaning companies to work extra hard to keep a decent name. We don't talk bad about them to get your business. We simply believe that you deserve to know the truth. So we make it available to you.AllClene


100% Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Thank you for choosing for your cleaning needs.



GREEN! Yes, we have a full line of 'GREEN' cleaners that are perfectly safe for the environment.