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Residential Services


At Swagler's AllClene, we know that life isparty busy enough without having to worry about the everyday things. With work, family, and friends all demanding a slice of our time we don't always have time to keep our homes spotless. AllClene


Swagler's AllClene can remove some of those worries from your life. Our professional cleaning team will keep your home looking its best. The cleanliness of your home will be one less thing in your life that you will need to worry about.


We offer a full range of services and schedules to meet your needs. From a one time full cleaning, to weekly, monthly, and special event cleaning. We even have people that can come in daily and spot clean, keeping your home in the ultimate clean condition as well as germ free as possible. We will work with you to determine exactly what you want, what you need, and what works best for you and your schedule. AllClene


Our 40 Point checklist ensures that we hit every area of your home. We go over this list with every client and you can add or subtract from the list as you desire. It is our starting point. Every client gets a copy of the checklist with every cleaning. This way, you have a record that matches our record of what is supposed to be done, and what is done. This eliminates any missed areas and any misunderstandings.


Your family's health is our top priority. Keeping your home clean and sanitary is a big step towards staying healthy. At Swagler's AllClene, we use products that kill most germs and bacteria as well as help keep them from returning. And if you or your family suffer from chemical allergies, we have on hand all MSDS sheets on every product we use. We also have a full line of 'GREEN' cleaners. AllClene


Home cleaning services used to be something only the wealthy could afford. With Swagler's AllClene, this is no longer the case. We will customize a cleaning program for you that will work inside your budget and keep your home looking and smelling great! It doesn't matter if you live in a multi-million dollar home, a small ranch or cape style home, or a condo or apartment. The benefits of our service will be measured in a healthier environment, a home that you are proud to show off, and more time to enjoy life and your family. More and more homes are running with all adults working to make ends meet. Whether working at home, or outside the home, time, and money, are at a premium. We understand this and we can help. AllClene

Single parent homes may require even more care, as the lone parent is playing many roles. At Swagler's AllClene, we understand how hard it can be to maintain your home the way you want with your ever demanding schedule. We want to help. We can help. AllClene


Do you live in an apartment or condo? You are not left out when it comes to the helpful services that Swagler's AllClene offers. We can match your home size and budget just as easily. There is no reason you can't have the same great cleaning service that someone with a house enjoys. We clean homes, not just houses. And we know that homes come in every shape, style, and size. We even clean mobile homes, house boats, aircraft and more.


Bachelor pad? Frat house? Sorority house? College dorm? We can specialize a cleaning plan for your needs and your budget. Just give us a call.


Do you own rental property? We have great discounts for multiple property owners. Or even if you just have one. Let us show you how we can make your life much easier when it comes to the care of your investment.AllClene

























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GREEN! Yes, we have a full line of 'GREEN' cleaners that are perfectly safe for the environment.